“Thanks very much, the young people thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was great to see them engaging so well! I will be in touch soon to discuss the Christmas project further”

“Thank you so much for all your work its been amazing seeing the change and confidence levels boost with them all, especially the quiet ones. They have all engaged in it with their own                                                         strengths and I was so proud watching them perform at the volunteer party. You have done a                                                           brilliant job”

“RecRock are highly professional, motivated and totally confident working with our young tenants who aspire to become musicians.  We will be calling upon them again for more workshops”.

“Since coming to Hafal Dan and Gethin have been an inspiration to us all. Dan and Gethin’s method of teaching is patient and reassuring, but also we feel encouraged to do the best we can with no pressure. We are all very glad to have Dan and Gethin with us.”

“A highly enjoyable experience. RecRock are doing a brilliant job. I am glad to see that this opportunity has been opened up to tenants but would like to see more tenant participation.”

“I wanted to thank you for organising my 2 daughters music lessons. They have loved every second of the lessons and as result have progressed tremendously with their piano skills over the summer. I’d happily recommend Laura from RecRock as a music teacher to family & friends.” Nathan Cornish, Timto